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By coming to this page, we’ll assume you want to know more about us! The short version is that we are a small group of musicians and music biz entrepreneurs that simply LOVE the world of music.

Putting together our collective decades of training, performing, recording, touring and experience in the music business, co-founder Rob Cushing and I decided to launch this company and help others with what we’ve learned.

And as a result, this has become more than just a past-time for us…it’s now our life’s work. We are absolutely convinced that being on top of your game in the music industry CONSISTENTLY brings rewards in every area of your life, regardless of where you are in your music career.

We are dedicated to providing you with tips & tricks for live and studio performances, equipment reviews, exclusive heads-up on great music gear deals, album/band reviews, and motivational articles. Our goal is for you to achieve the very best songwriting, live performances and music production that you’ve ever achieved after learning what we’ve learned. If we can achieve that for you, then we are in turn are rewarded!

Stay tuned to this site for everything related to the best music tips, tricks and tactics you’ve ever seen.

And here’s to the greatest songs you’ve ever written.

Art Gurley


“The Better Claim”, as we get asked about this all the time, is taken from a line from the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”, where it states that two paths diverge in a yellowed wood, and taking the one less traveled has made all the difference. The line that follows is “and perhaps having the better claim, for it was grassy and wanted wear” in which we interpret to mean for us is that not only is the less traveled path the one to take, but by its very nature of being the less traveled path is therefore the one most enticing.

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Oleg Gontar - July 7, 2015 Reply

Hello! I’m co-author of some musical projects and want to cooperate with you in item serious promo. I have no investors yet. Can we colaborate with you? If yes, what conditions? I’ll send links if you’re interesting. Thanks for your answer!

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