Easy Way for Learning At Least 1 New Music Skill A Day

The American humorist Arnold H. Glasow once said: “Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

How true this is for whatever you do, but especially when learning new skills or setting goals with your music or music business. And today, I’m going to share about what I’ve learned in that regard. Look, I’ll be honest: it’s never as easy as one would think it would be. You really do need to set yourself on fire to make this happen! It’s SIMPLE, but not easy (there’s a difference). It’s simple in the fact that once you make a powerful decision with your music, then the rest becomes easier to deal with .

So let’s talk about learning how to do this. The first step in learning a new skill/setting a new goal? Simple (note that I said simple, and that I didn’t use the word easy):

What’s The First Step for Learning A New Skill?

The first step in learning a new skill is (drumroll please)….to make the decision to start. Yeah, that sounds simple in itself, but actually making the decision to begin, and then committing yourself emotionally and mentally? Yeah, that can be pretty….well, NOT easy. make the decision to begin. This is where the voices in your head start chiming in “I’m not smart enough to do this”, “I don’t have the time to do it” “what if I fail or screw up?”

So here’s the simple solution for that dilemma – to quote the quirky Shia LaBeouf  “Just DO IT!” Look, even if you don’t know anything, the best way to start something is to just start at the simplest and most basic level. You’ll come to find that there will be a certain magic that happens when you just make the committment to get going. Without sounding all New Age-ish, it follows that ideas and resources then become known to you, you end up finding the right influences of those who’ve gone before you with the same challenge….and you are on your way! Remember this, guys, this is true for ANYTHING: action always creates momentum!

Defeating Your Biggest Roadblock – Yourself

Some readers I’ve corresponded with have expressed frustration with learning skills/setting goals in their music because of new technology that’s unfamiliar to them. I get it, I deal with it every day! There are going to be moments where you feel overwhelmed…you’re preaching to the choir here! But you know what? That’s OK. All you need to do is allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, and then just let it go. Just let yourself move through it and solve the issue in front of you in that moment. And by doing that, and doing it persistenly, you will end up reaching your goal. Just be sure to take what you’re doing one step at a time….that is the only way to get anywhere with your music.

And there are going to be times where you think you’ve got something nailed, and then it doesn’t work out like you had hoped. And that’s OK too…the key here is to be persistent, consistent, and patient. Go back, do what you were doing before but maybe try from a different angle, and just keep at it. And if you do that, the answer to what you are looking for will become apparent. There are times when you are going to have to be REALLY patient, persistent and consistent. And again…that’s OK. It’s called learning and eventually if you stick to that formula, you’ll succeed.

A Final Note

One last thing to my fellow musicians and music professionals: be good to yourself. Besides the fact that I’m partially quoting from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, what I really mean here is to be kind to yourself. It’s OK to give yourself permission to make mistakes, tweak what you’re doing and retry, and move forward! And eventually what’s going to happen is that the new skill or goal that required that work, mistakes made, and that patience and perseverence will become old hat to you. That’s how it has worked so well for me for so long, so I’m confident that anything you do with your music, just put your mind to it and awesome things will happen for you.

But be sure to have the right mindset for it – things that you once thought impossible can BE possible. As today’s featured image shows, the expert in anything was once a beginner.

Now get out there and make amazing things happen!


Here’s Your Call To Action!

1. Take whatever you were putting off because you were unsure, or apprehensive about it, and like Shia says, “Just DO IT”!

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[Thanks to Leanne Moore for inspiration for today’s article]

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