How ONE TOOL Can Dramatically Help Your Songwriting

Let’s face it…and I’ll be honest about this: when it comes to songwriting, I absolutely suck at writing lyrics.

To quote the great Walter Scott “Oh what a tangled web we weave”, which holds true when it comes to my ability to write song lyrics. The vast majority of the time, my attempts to do so result in a convoluted chaotic mess, much like today’s featured Escher image.

Sure, I have moments here and there when I get enough inspiration to put pen to paper, and even rarer moments when it flows freely. But for the most part, I’m not a man of prose. I have more riffs and loops down than I can count, but putting vocals to the test with some decent, comprehensive lyrics…I’m stuck. And it’s been that way for years.

Until about a week ago, when all that changed.

Enter the tool that helps make songwriting way less of a chore and much easier to do:

MasterWriter (in its current incarnation, v3.0) at its very core is this: a word processor designed for songwriters and poets, but with several tools crammed in like a dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, speech fragments and a lot more.

Some particular endorsees of MasterWriter include, but are not limited to: Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty), Gwen Stefani, Babyface, Bob Zemeckis, David Foster, and Kenny Loggins, among several others.

So here’s an example of what you can do: say you have one lyric line “The black cat crossed the road quickly so that it couldn’t get hit by a car.” That’s kind of drab by itself but by taking that sentence in pieces and running them through the MasterWriter software, that line can turn into something more like this: “The ebony tabby jetted and wove its way across the boulevard at a lightning quick pace to avoid being crushed by the oncoming parade of steel machines.”

The newest version, MasterWriter 3.0, works off of an active Internet connection and is usable on all PC and Mac platforms, and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The interface is improved from the 2.0 version, however offline usage is not yet enabled…that fix along with more exporting options will be coming later this year. There are more features and enhancements to this, which you can check out at their site and in the video below.

MasterWriter offers a walkthrough of the product and a 10-day free trial. MasterWriter software retails as a subscription-based model at $9.95 for a month license, $99 for one year and $149 for a two-year license, and currently is only available from MasterWriter itself. Users of the legacy MasterWriter v2.0 may qualify for a discount, so check that first when you go to the site!

In summary, this may not be for everyone…but for those lyrically-challenged musicians like yours truly, this application is a HUGE help. My songs have benefitted greatly from this helpful tool, so try the 10-day free trial and judge for yourself.


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  2. Whether or not you end up using MasterWriter, make a point to sit down and bust out some lyrics tonight for that new song you’ve been working on. If you find the lyrics part too much of a challenge, it may be time to try out something like MasterWriter!
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