Using Periscope & Meerkat for Promoting Your Band/Music

Heads up to you musicians and music business professionals out there: live video streaming has suddenly become all the rage. And if you’re not there to take advantage of it, you’re seriously going to miss out on a great marketing tool for your music.

But no worries, because it’s easier to benefit from this than you think AND give you a chance to connect with your fanbase like never before! Just imagine giving your fans an inside look behind the scenes on your tour, or for a live performance or even a live chat where bands can respond to questions via chat as they come in!

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the two iOS/Android apps that are making it happen (and how YOU can use them to your marketing advantage)! Those apps specifically, are Periscope and Meerkat.

What exactly are Periscope and Meerkat?

Periscope and Meerkat are both available for iOS (that’s iPhone/iPad in particular) and for Android. Meerkat made its debut weeks before Periscope did, and Periscope was a few weeks late getting its Android app out the door after its iOS debut. It’s taken some time for both to establish themselves, but established they are! Both have their pros and cons, so let’s quickly review those.

  • Live & Replay Ability: Periscope gives you the ability to replay your videos after your initial stream. With Meerkat, they do allow the creator to save streams directly to their phone, the actual reach on the app is still limited to those who are able to watch in real-time. In this instance, Periscope comes out on top, particularly for fans who live in different timezones or can’t necessarily connect right at the initial stream.
  • Social Media Platform Coverage: As Periscope is made by Twitter, for now the only social media platform you can use with it is, you guessed it…Twitter. Meerkat does allow for notification/sharing to many different platforms, however as it relies on people being able to see it in real-time you end up with fans going to dead links once the stream is over. Hopefully we’ll see this change on either app soon. Considering these factors, we could call this one a draw.
  • Public or Private Broadcasting: On Meerkat’s side, you’re either broadcasting to all, or you don’t broadcast…period. With Periscope you can broadcast to the public or just to a select group that you designate (i.e. fans in a specific city or geographic area). Periscope again comes out on top here.

No matter which app you decide to go with (and no one ever said you couldn’t do both!), the next question you’re probably asking is “OK, I have them, but NOW what do I do?

How Can I Use These To Promote My Music?

Here’s some great ideas you can use to promote your band, DJ, or music business! Remember that whatever you’re doing in music, you should view it as working a small business…so promotion (and consistent promotion at that) is key!

  • Weekly Updates (Same Time, Different Place) – We already see a lot of this happening on YouTube, however getting these updates to your fans in a timely manner is a bit more involved using YouTube. And most people spend their time poring over making edits to those videos that could take hours. With Periscope & Meerkat, it’s real time and live…plus you get that two-way engagement via chat that you could never have with YouTube. BAM POW!
  • On The Road/In The Studio – You have the ability to broadcast from backstage at a show or in the studio during recording/mixing. And because you’re on a mobile phone vs. a laptop the mobility factor increases greatly. Show what you’re seeing as you drive cross-country on the road, or what the crowd view looks like from stage. Broadcast as you’re listening back to your initial recording studio edits for the first time. Lots of great interaction opportunity here, guys!
  • Live Chat – Either planned or unplanned this is a great way for communication with your fans. Find some time, even if for a few minutes, and do a broadcast. You may have fans who are not able to make a show, but would love to ask a question that they normally wouldn’t be able to do unless in person. Again, how often you choose to do this is up to you, but the winning ingredient here is consistency!
  • “Intimate” Acoustic Performances – OK, so for those who may have their mind in the gutter with use of the word “intimate”, I was listing this more as a chance to do acoustic performances to try out new song ideas or have a performance for the benefit of your fans. This is great particularly as full-band performance audio doesn’t translate well across mobile phones. This is great if you want to get your songs out to fans way before a tour and it makes them feel as if they’re part of something exclusive.
  • Scavenger Hunts – I hadn’t thought of this one before, to be honest, but this is pretty cool…though it’s going to require some creative thought if you want to go this route. For example, if you’re in a particular city/town and kicking around prior to a show that night, you can do a broadcast and try to have local fans guess where you are, etc. They can then make their guesses, come find your band, and have the chance for them to not only meet you but perhaps get free stuff like tickets or merchandise. Super, super great chance for personal engagement! (thanks to James Shotwell at Haulix for that tidbit!).

And Now…Here’s Your Call To ACTION!

  • Pick one or both of the apps I’ve mentioned here, and make a point to use it/them regularly, even if it’s only for a few minutes! Talk about or showcase your music, a show, whatever, but use it, follow others and build an audience! Do not worry if your broadcasts aren’t perfect or seems flawed…imperfect action is always better than no action, and besides which it’ll make you more real to your audience and further endear them to you!
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Let us know what ideas you have in mind, any questions, or even your specific experiences with Periscope and Meerkat below in the COMMENTS section!

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“No matter which app you prefer, it’s hard to deny live streaming’s increasing relevance and importance as a campaign asset. The immediacy and intimacy of it connects fans and artists like no other form of live chat or premiere can”













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I need to up my periscope social media in my business.

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