Your Musical Journey – Different Roads, Same Destination

Hey…Rob here. It’s amazing to me to receive not only the amount of feedback that we get on our articles here, but also where that feedback comes from. When we first started The Better Claim Music Blog, we had no idea the reach we would have…so far we’ve gotten readership and tons of feedback from the US and Canada, western Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia, etc….and that’s just to name a few areas.

But I wanted to bring up one response we had from Slovenia in particular…not just to recognize their reaching out to us, but also that something they wrote hit home. And it touched on something that I’ve seen in every band I’ve been in, and every band I’ve known of. Amazing that this one band from the small riverside town of Maribor could make us realize just how small our world really is.


Recently we were contacted by one Zmago Švajncer, guitarist for a local Slovenian band named Pictures of Iris. He had written to say that he really enjoyed the blog, and that Pictures of Iris was a new band and just starting to make a name for themselves in the area. Zmago went on to say that he had read the past articles and gained a lot of insight into how one should treat a band as a business, and detailed a bit on some struggles they were facing (getting original songs down in a studio, getting a website going, increasing their reach by a possible move elsewhere, etc).

It then hit me: here was a band with musicians from a totally different background than myself and others here in the States. They grew up in a different geographical area, had exposure to different influences, yet here’s the thing. It’s the same story and struggles that I’ve seen with every musical act in every corner of the globe.

Amazing, isn’t it? That people can come from such different backgrounds yet we musicians have the same challenges: how to find other like-minded musicians to form a group, getting a practice space together, booking a gig, wondering if you need to move to another geographic location to get a better chance of ‘making it’, making sure that studio time is booked and you’re getting a recording put together, getting your ‘brand’ out there…(all things I’ve covered here in this blog before, but applicable to everyone).

You can be a metal band from Seattle, a jazz band in Japan, a hip-hop group from South Africa or even a pop-rock band from Slovenia…and despite your musical and geographical differences, you all share the same concerns and challenges…

And experience the same rewards once you TAKE ACTION on pushing through those challenges and achieving your goals!

Pictures of Iris, by the way, hails from Maribor, Slovenia and features vocalist Maja Žumer, Zmago Švajncer on guitars, keyboardist Marko Šopar, Primož Jurendič  on bass and drummer Primož Blejc rounding out the band. Currently in the studio, they just released their first single “She’s Alive”  and are getting ready to launch their website. In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook, on Instagram and you can check out both their YouTube channel here and their Soundcloud page here. You can catch them playing around Slovenia in the meantime, should you be in the area!

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Rob Cushing

Rob Cushing, along with being the co-founder of this blog, is a renowned singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has performed and toured nationally with many famed musical acts. He currently resides in Cape Cod, MA with his wife and son, where he usually can be found holed up in the studio, coaching others on their bands & businesses, or enjoying the beaches.

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